Visualisation and Analysis of Inflation Data

Inflation rates by country and by class click inside

This type of graph simply depicts the inflation of one of 31 countries or country agglomerates like the Euro area.

Or choose from a list of subcategories: among them are four special aggregates, 12 sub aggregates or 12 COICOP devisions.

More detailed categories are work in progress.

Cross-Country Comparison click inside

Compare up to 30 inflation rates across countries.
Simply select or deselect the countries of your interest and choose from the nearby list the category of your choice.

Countries included so far:
– All countries of European Union (EU28)
– Plus CH, NO, IS
– The inclusion of more countries is planned

Contribution to Inflation by 4 Special Aggregates click inside

There are 4 major components contributing to inflation:

Energy, food, industrial goods, and services.

This particular analysis decomposes the inflation rate of the country of your choice into its 4 main components. By deselecting e.g. energy and food categories, you can easily generate a core inflation graph or analyze the impact of a single aggregate on overall inflation.


Contribution to Inflation by 12 Sub-Aggregates click inside

The here presented 12 categories, follow the structure of the 4 main aggregates above, just in a more detailed way:

– Energy is split into two subcategories: liquid fuels, and electricity & gas,
– Goods are split into durable, semi-durable and non-durable goods,
– Food into processed and unprocessed, and
– Services are split as well in 5 sub aggregates.

Contribution to Inflation by 12 COICOP* groups click inside

Another way of analyzing inflation data is to look at the so-called COICOP divisions. This standard UN classification enables you decompose inflation according the most common classification: COICOP.

Please note:
*COICOP stands for Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose. The above used main and sub aggregates are special aggregates based on a specific combination of four-digits COICOP classes.

Inflation differential between two countries click inside

Why is country A’s inflation higher than country B’s? Or vice versa? The analysis of inflation differentials between two countries enables you to understand this – in a few clicks!

This view is a very helpful tool especially for countries being member of currency union like the Euro area, when comparing the individual country’s inflation against the benchmark of overall Euro area inflation.